For over 40 years TG has been a weekly social event at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). Members of SIO gather at Surfside each Friday for a social function hosted by various volunteer members of the Scripps Academic Club. These gatherings promote a sense of community at SIO and provide an invaluable social network for graduate students, faculty, and staff. These meetings also help foster intra-departmental bonds at SIO by bringing together members of the SIO community who do not see each other on a regular basis.


TGIF (TG for short) began in the late 1960s when graduate students at SIO were given the use of T-8, a one-story house on the southern edge of campus. In 1968, a volunteer student committee helped renovate T-8, adding a ping-pong room, a pool table, and a surfboard storage area. Weekly TG gatherings began at T-8 (now renamed Surfside) in January 1968, with the express purpose of providing 'a friendly atmosphere where the entire SIO community could meet and get better acquainted.'

Recent renovations have modernized Surfside, helping it to continue as a popular lounge and gathering area for SIO graduate students. Surfside is available for student use and hosts a variety of social, club, and academic events for members of the SIO community, with TG being the most prominent.


TG is managed by the Scripps Academic Club (SAC). SAC is a registered student organization through the Center for Student Involvement office at UCSD. Membership in SAC is open to any SIO student, staff, or faculty who wishes to render support, guidance, and encouragement for the activities of the SAC. Membership in the SAC becomes effective upon the payment of annual dues. SAC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religious affiliation, handicap, national origin, or any other personal factor.