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After you read the rules, please sign up for an available date using the form at the bottom of this page.

It takes at least three people to host (but more people makes it more fun).

Email if you have questions or to reserve a date far in the future (more than 3 months away).

Emails and Messaging

All emails and messages about TG must be passed through our email ( before being sent out.

Alcohol cannot be mentioned in a TG email/message.


The main door of Surfside can be opened using a student ID card. Bathroom keys are kept in the audio cabinet left of the fridge. PLEASE RETURN BATHROOM KEYS AFTER USING.

Snacks and Not-Beer

We’ll reimburse up to $60 for snacks. Just bring your receipt on Monday after TG to Travis in Vaughn 334.

You will find non-alcoholic drinks and wine in the kegerator on the shelf that's on the left-hand side. Please take these out and put them where people can serve themselves.


Please encourage people to donate to the cause!

Note that no money can change hands at TG, including both TG donations and donations to charitable organizations. Please do not set up computers to collect credit card donations (although people can still donate using their phones).

Be Responsible

You cannot host drunk. As the host, you are responsible for making sure that TG attendees don't drink too much. If you believe someone drank too much, please do not serve them more alcohol. Feel free to have a drink while hosting, but stay sober enough to be able to make responsible choices.

No Alcohol Outside

Alcoholic beverages may not be taken out of Surfside (even to go to the bathrooms). Make sure people leaving Surfside (even temporarily) leave their beer and wine inside.

Door Duties

Assign someone to stand at the door and check for (1) government IDs to ensure they are over 21 and (2) for SIO affiliation. If they have a TG Fish sticker, they have already been approved and you can let them in. SIO-affiliated means: SIO student, staff, faculty, or guest of an SIO person (also NOAA fisheries, aquarium personnel, etc.). If they are a guest, they need to have their host with them at the door. If they don't meet these requirements, please do not let them in.

Beer Duties

Mark the hands of those you let in. Whoever is pouring beer needs to check people's hands in order to only serve to people who have been checked in at the door (and not just sneaked in from the back). The beer will already by set up for you.

Clean Up, Lock Up

Follow the cleanup checklist posted above the sink detailing the things that need to be done after TGs, including locking all doors (bathrooms and sliding glass doors too!), taking out trash, sweeping the floors, wiping down counters, etc.

Leave No Trace

Try not to move furniture around, but if you need to, put it back where it was when you got there. Make sure everything that doesn't belong in Surfside is removed (e.g. extra food, clothing; unclaimed items go in lost and found). If there are extra non-alcoholic drinks or wine, please leave them on the shelf in the kegerator, do not take these drinks home.


Shut down by 8 pm

Sign Up

Only dates that don't already have hosts are shown below. If you want to host a TG far in the future (more than three months), please contact us.